Grab a Flight to Israel for Sukkos!

Sukkos brings with it the yen for day and overnight trips on Chol Hamoed. Families visit museums, amusement parks, zoos, and other points of interest near and far. Entire venues are rented out to allow for the influx of Jewish visitors.

A particular concern when planning trips during the holiday of Sukkos is the need to eat in a Sukkah. Often this, more than any other factor, will determine where a family travels for Chol Hamoed. That’s one reason why we at Do-All Travel, the heimishe Brooklyn travel agency, encourage our customers to head to Israel for Yom Tov. Sukkos abound all over the Holy Land, so travel plans should be a cinch.

Obviously, there are many other reasons to take a flight to Israel for Yom Tov. The ambiance created by thousands of people sharing the same holiday is a sight to behold. Anyone observing pre-Sukkos shopping in the shukim of Jerusalem will feel like part of a much larger whole.

Simchas Torah at the Kosel is a beautiful sight with Jews of all types joining together to rejoice over a common thread, the Torah. The echoing of singing coupled with the pounding of dancing feet tugs at the heartstrings.

Contact us at 718-972-6000 for more information or to book a flight today.

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Expedite Arrivals with Global Entry

Global Entry is a fairly new program offered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, but it is already making life easier for a select group of travelers. The program offers pre-approved travelers the convenience of avoiding long lines when entering the United States. Global Entry is open to U.S. citizens, South Koreans, and Dutch citizens among others.

The program works by requiring each candidate to submit to a lengthy screening process to ensure he is a low risk to U.S. border security. Applicants are interviewed by agents and fingerprinted.

Once a traveler has been approved, his life becomes much easier. When arriving in a participating U.S. airport, the international traveler skips the line and heads to a special automated kiosk where a short process is completed. After that, the traveler is free to collect his baggage and exit the building.

The program is not only open to passengers who frequent business class travel. It is available to anyone who meets the citizenship criterion, passes the screening process, and forks over the $1oo application fee.

There are some drawbacks to Global Entry, though. First, it does not guarantee travelers will avoid extra screening at airports. It’s less likely, but not impossible. Second, though it’s available at most major international airports, there are some exceptions.

For more information about this program, contact the CBP or call our Brooklyn travel agency at (718) 972-6000.

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A Flight to Israel with El Al

El Al, or El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. as it is officially known, is the national airline of the State of Israel. Though it has since been privatized and publicly traded, it still plays an important role in Israeli history.

The airline was first formed in 1948 when President Chaim Weizmann needed a civilian aircraft to transport him from Geneva due to an embargo on the fledgling Israeli government. The airline grew in size and profits since then, overcoming financial losses, labor strikes, and hijacking throughout the years.

The airline participated in Operation Solomon, helping to airlift thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. Several babies were born on-board during the transport of the Ethiopian refugees. The airline also works with Chai Lifeline to transport hundreds of children to the United States to participate in Chai Lifeline programs in the summer. Chai Lifeline has commended the staff of El Al for their caring and sensitivity.

El Al has an astonishingly high record for safe travel, namely because of its emphasis on screening procedures and sky marshals. Additionally, the Israeli government provides much of the funding for security measures. El Al is one of the airlines we use to book every customer on a cheap flights to Israel. Contact our Brooklyn travel agency to book a flight today and take advantage of this week’s specials!

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Traveling with Young Children

Traveling with kids on a plane is never an easy feat, not for the parents, not for the kids, and not for the hundreds of passengers stuck in a tin box with wailing youngsters. Parents cannot solve every problem, but forethought and preparation can greatly reduce the possibility of issues.

As far as packing, let each child take a small knapsack with a beloved toy or two, some snacks, bottles, and extra diapers, as necessary.

A tired child is more likely to fall asleep during the flight. Be warned, some children don’t sleep well at higher altitudes (or outside their beds), and a tired child can be a cranky one.

Airport security is required to check children, as well, but the TSA has certain allowances for children under 12, including allowing them to keep their shoes on and pass through detectors several times before resorting to a pat down. Explaining the process to children beforehand may greatly reduce the possibility of a crying child.

Finally, when landing be sure to let everyone else off first. The stress of trying to get a bunch of children off the plane while ignoring the angry stares of impatient travelers is just not worth it.

For more information about traveling with children, booking a flight to Israel, or any other travel inquiry, contact the Brooklyn travel agency Do-All Travel.


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The Luxurious Amenities of Business Class Travel

Travelers walk into the yawning door of the parked airplane and make their way down the aisles. They stare somewhat enviously at the lucky denizens of the business class travel seats. After all passengers have been seated, one of the stewardesses ensures the curtain is drawn to separate worlds in airline travel.

Business class airline tickets can be prohibitively expensive, and people often wonder what amenities and luxuries actually come with their purchase. Two of the common features of advanced class seating are more legroom and fully reclining seats. For long haul trips, these amenities alone can make the extra fees worth it.

However, there are levels in first class within an airline and between one airline and the next. We have found some of the most outrageous and expensive travel amenities around the world!

Singapore Airline, on their Singapore to London flight, offer lucky travelers a suite if they’re willing to fork over the cash. That’s right. A suite, complete with a real bed, sliding wooden doors, and turn-down service.

Emirates Airline, not to be outdone, installed two spas for first class travelers. Each spa includes a full shower system in a marble oasis.

These are only two of the many airlines who have begun catering to the rich and powerful.

Contact the experts at Do-All Travel, the Brooklyn travel agency, for information about airlines and to book airline tickets.

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“Next Stop, London!” Says Brooklyn Travel Agency

These days, a hot vacation destination for our customers is London, England and its environs. Though the weather is often muggy, the amenities are top-notch and the entertainment is unmatched. London is not only about Buckingham Palace and its stoic guards; it’s about fun, history, and something for every type of visitor.

London is a great destination for everyone, but careful planning is necessary for a good trip. Contact the experts at Brooklyn travel agency, Do-All Travel, to plan your trip to London and book regular and business class airline tickets.

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More Security Advice from the Brooklyn Travel Agency

Brooklyn Travel Agency Security TipsLast time we discussed wise preparations for people seeking to navigate with ease the airport security line. This time around, we’ll mention some advice about standing on line and interacting with the Transportation Safety Administration employees.

We sincerely hope that all travelers have smooth experiences when going through airport security. In fact, many have no issues. Those who do, should remember that it’s nothing personal. TSA agents are just trying to do their jobs. It is important for travelers to know their rights and exercise them.

To learn more about travel tips or to book a flight to Israel and beyond, contact Brooklyn travel agency, Do-All Travel.

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Security Tips from the Brooklyn Travel Agency

Brooklyn Travel AgencySince the unfortunate events of September 11th, airport security in the U.S. has gotten tougher and tougher. Successive incidents have caused the Transportation Safety Administration to expand on the security rules pertaining to air travel. While some people have chosen to avoid flying altogether, many of our customers still prefer air over any other travel medium. To aid in their endeavors, we have collected a useful guide for travelers seeking to make their exchanges with airport security as painless as possible.

  1. Dress the Part: Travelers who show up with baggy clothing, hoodies, and the like may be asked to remove some of their garments. If they can’t, they may be pulled aside for additional time-consuming scrutiny. In the winter, be sure to leave room in carry-on luggage to place coats before getting on the security line. Avoid overloading on metallic jewelry. If possible, religious travelers should opt for tight fitting head coverings to avoid scrutiny. Slip-on shoes are a really good bet for easy removal at the security checkpoint.
  2. Be Prepared: Have boarding passes and appropriate ID readily available. Pack luggage neatly with objects clearly separated. We recommend using resealable bags to separate items inside hand luggage.
  3. Arrive On Time: Pay careful attention to airline rules about times to arrive at the airport. Keep in mind that foreign travel, such as a flight to Israel or France, typically requires earlier arrival at the airport pre-flight.

For more tips on navigating airport security or to book your trip, contact the Brooklyn travel agency Do-All Travel.

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Unpacking Tips from the Brooklyn Travel Agency: A Sequel

Some Unpacking Tips-Brooklyn Travel AgencyNot too long ago we emphasized several important considerations for packing suitcases before that flight to Israel or parts unknown. This time around we want to emphasize another important aspect of travel: unpacking at the final destination.

First of all, ponder if unpacking is absolutely necessary. For vacations lasting less than a week, taking everything out just to put it all back a short while later may be more of a hassle than it’s worth. Living out of suitcases may be annoying, but unpacking and repacking is even worse. This is especially important when a trip involves stays at several different locations.

Longer journeys typically require some unpacking. At that point, the hassle is reversed and unpacking is more convenient than hunting through a bulging suitcase every day for a month. Travelers may still prefer to keep some items in the suitcase, but many objects gravitate to dressers and closets around the room.

If unpacking is necessary, first look around the room to ensure cleanliness and gauge storage space. Then place objects in their designated location. It’s often helpful to bring something that reminds you of home. For example, a fluffy bath towel, small potted plant, or picture of the family can lend a homey feeling to any hotel room.

Vacations can be stressful when not planned properly, but really fun when thought out. The experts in everything from cheap tickets to luxurious business class travel are here to help plan any amazing vacation.

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Best Beaches in the World

brooklyn travel agencyWe’re right smack in the middle of prime travel season, and although it’s fairly hot here in the U.S., we can’t help but travel to other warm locales in the summer to soak up the sun. For those looking to enjoy exotic getaways with crystal-clear water and endless miles of sand, check out some of the best beaches in the world—according to National Geographic.

  1. Seychelles: Floating 1,500 kilometers off the east coast of Africa, the 115-island country is home to the top-rated beaches in the world. Their beaches are some of the most widely photographed thanks to pale pink sands and turquoise water. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a giant tortoise, or a celebrity!
  2. Maldives: A boom in the number of resorts on this cluster of islands comes largely from the tropical climate and breathtaking beaches. When you’re done suntanning, swim with fish, surf, or just float in the warm seas of island paradise.
  3. Bora Bora, Tahiti: Tahiti has always been a honeymoon hotspot—it’s nickname is “Romantic Island”—probably because of isolated beaches, a quiet atmosphere, and resorts aimed at couples. Drink a piña colada out of a coconut and feed the sharks in this dream getaway.

When you’re tired of dealing with Coney Island beaches, visit our Brooklyn travel agency to book a flight to one of these gorgeous locations. Our business class airline tickets will be well worth the expense to leave the country!

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