Best Beaches in the World

brooklyn travel agencyWe’re right smack in the middle of prime travel season, and although it’s fairly hot here in the U.S., we can’t help but travel to other warm locales in the summer to soak up the sun. For those looking to enjoy exotic getaways with crystal-clear water and endless miles of sand, check out some of the best beaches in the world—according to National Geographic.

  1. Seychelles: Floating 1,500 kilometers off the east coast of Africa, the 115-island country is home to the top-rated beaches in the world. Their beaches are some of the most widely photographed thanks to pale pink sands and turquoise water. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a giant tortoise, or a celebrity!
  2. Maldives: A boom in the number of resorts on this cluster of islands comes largely from the tropical climate and breathtaking beaches. When you’re done suntanning, swim with fish, surf, or just float in the warm seas of island paradise.
  3. Bora Bora, Tahiti: Tahiti has always been a honeymoon hotspot—it’s nickname is “Romantic Island”—probably because of isolated beaches, a quiet atmosphere, and resorts aimed at couples. Drink a piña colada out of a coconut and feed the sharks in this dream getaway.

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