Traditional Meals To Eat in London

Europe Airline Tickets New York City has its paper-thin crust pizza and salty bagels. Chicago has its deep dish pizza, juicy Italian beef, and ketchup-less hot dogs. Well, what does London have? Lucky for you, if you’ve already booked your Europe airline tickets to London, we’ve put together a list of the most traditional dishes in “The Swinging City!”

Fish & Chips: A big misconception for many Westerners is that fish & chips are actually served with potato chips instead of french fries. However, the British actually call their french fries “chips” and their potato chips “crisps.” It’s a good idea to learn the difference so you don’t order the wrong potato by mistake. Fish & chips are often served with fried cod, tartar sauce, french fries, and mashed peas. Pubs will often include vinegar for the fries and lemon to drip over the fish.

Yorkshire Pudding: Although Yorkshire pudding is not necessarily a pudding or a dessert food, it is still equally savory and delicious. Made from flour, eggs, and milk, Yorkshire pudding is baked and moistened with butter and gravy. You will often begin a meal with a Yorkshire pudding stuffed with gravy, vegetables, and butter.

Bangers & Mash: Another term that Westerners are not used to is “bangers” which are essentially just sausages. The reason they were named bangers is because during wartime they were filled with water and usually exploded when they were fried. If you couldn’t guess, “mash” means mashed potatoes.

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