Noticeable Differences Between Business Class and Coach Class

For long distance flights that last five hours or more, not being able to stretch your legs in those tiny coach class seats may ruin your trip before it even begins! It may be the right time to purchase business class airline tickets for your next trip abroad. Depending on the airline that you choose, there are several benefits to flying business class.

Increase in Seat Width and Comfort: When flying coach, you may be used to sitting in cramped seats with no legroom and large strangers falling asleep on your shoulders. With business class airline tickets, your seat will have much more space to stretch your limbs and relax during those long flights.

Better Food Options: Chicken or fish? Those are usually the two options you will have when flying coach. Maybe you will get lucky and they’ll throw in a tiny bag of peanuts as well. Business class offers two or three course meals, with several alcoholic drinks included with the price of the ticket. If you’re flying for over eight hours, it may be a good idea to have more options for food and drinks in order to stay refreshed when you finally land.

Fully Inclined Seats: You sit down for a long flight in your coach seats and you’re excited to get some much needed shut-eye. However, when you go to push back your seat, it barely moves an inch. Avoid this problem by purchasing business class airline tickets and enjoying the luxury of fully inclined seats!

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Posted on: Thursday, March 14th, 2013 at 7:57 pm

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