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europe airline ticketsResidents of Brooklyn will know well the effects of gentrification, be they resolutely positive (less violent crime, better living conditions) or potentially undesirable (higher rents, forcing out of lower-income residents), they tend to create an exciting, ethnically diverse and culturally rich environment.

Germany’s capital Berlin has been undergoing a similar transformation in recent years with many foreign nationals moving to the city, enticed by its low rents, affordable cost of living and vibrant creative arts scene. The one downside many Berliners report is the high rate of unemployment that continues to plague the city, but if you’re simply planning a trip to sample the Berliner lifestyle, you can capitalize on low costs and maximize enjoyment during your temporary stay.

Along with some of the world’s most celebrated electronic dance music clubs, Berlin offers all of the usual benefits of any cosmopolitan European city, including fine cuisine, fashion and independent film. Additionally, this is surely one of the more storied European cities, having played host to everything from Weimar-era decadence to the covert operations of the Stasi.

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Posted on: Thursday, January 17th, 2013 at 9:44 pm

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