Traveling Throughout Europe After Work

European airline ticketsBooking business class airline tickets does not necessarily mean it is all work and no play. You can take some time out of your busy schedule, or take a few vacation days afterwards, to travel Europe extensively. But where should you go? Let us discuss some options.

If you find yourself starting out in England, you can take trips into Scotland and maybe even Ireland. From the U.K. you can take the Channel Tunnel (a.k.a. the Chunnel) to neighboring France. There are obvious locales to visit like the famous Palace of Versailles and the Louvre Museum.

From France, head south to the beautiful French coast or southwest into Spain and Portugal. You can also head east into Switzerland; some sights to check out in Switzerland include the famous cities of Zurich and Geneva. You can go skiing or hiking in the Swiss Alps if you want.  South of the country is Italy, home of Vatican City and the finest pastas you will ever eat. Being that Italy is the birthplace of opera, you should check out a performance or two while you are there. And then there is the city of Venice. All but submerged in water, the floating city is a wondrous place filled with art and beautiful architecture.

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