Visiting Tel Aviv

cheap flight to Israel does not just have to be for visiting the Temple Mount or the Wailing Wall. One of the great cosmopolitan jewels of the Mediterranean is Tel Aviv, with the second-largest economy in the Middle East and plenty of non-stop, 24-hour, New York-style fun.

Israel’s unique support of artistry is on full display at the Bauhaus Centre, which offers a look at the utilitarian, communal dwellings built by Bauhaus European idealists. For an Alladin-style bazaar environment, we kid you not, the Camel Market features heaps of spices sold to the festive sounds of real bards. The fruits of the Mediterranean are ripe for the picking at the Manta Ray, but the strictly vegetarian can enjoy hearty fare at Hummus Ashkara. To top off the night, hang out at Sheshek, a well-known bohemian bar. Tel Aviv hums with things to do.

Tired of the bar scene? Head out to the historic neighborhood of Jaffa, where the commanding Tel Yafo looms over a diverse blend of coexisting faiths, living under beautifully arched alleyways in Jaffa’s Old City. Notable landmarks include Clock Square, the mythic Andromeda Rock, and the Zodiac alleys that form the entrance to a multiple-tiered harbor straight out of a pirate story. The biblical Jonah sailed to this port before continuing on his journey.

If you are booking with a travel agency, Israel holds many attractive locations modern and classic. A place inhabited since biblical times has got to be good, no?

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