Grab a Flight to Israel To Buy Sufganiyot

Chanukah season in Israel begins sometime between Chol Hamoed Sukkos and Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan. The first sign of the pending holiday is the availability of high calorie sufganiyot. This tasty treat involves dough fried to perfection and filled with everything from pistachio cream to caramel sauce. Trays of sufganiyot cooling in bakery windows lend a festive aroma to the markets of Israel.

Concurrent with the baked goods bonanza, bins of dreidels, Chanukah candles, and wicks begin to spring up in the most unexpected locations. Banks offer free dreidels with every transaction, and supermarkets give a box of candles with every menorah purchase.

The holiday itself is truly a sight to behold. Once night has fallen, nearly every house is alight with menorahs. Many Israelis light their chanukiahs in the outside doorway, lighting the darkened streets with a spiritual glow. Streets echo with the joyous sounds of Chanukah parties and concerts.

Every year, the holiday is marked by the ceremonial lighting of the giant menorahs at the Kotel. Various dignitaries ranging from the Chief Rabbis to the Jerusalem Chief of Police are honored with lighting one of the three menorahs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Book a flight to Israel for Chanukah with the premier Brooklyn travel agency.

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More Odd Travel Recommendations By Our Brooklyn Travel Agency

Last time, we included some of the odd destinations liked by the agents at our Brooklyn travel agency. We figured we’d list a few more.

In Oxford, England, guests can stay at a hotel in the prestigious Malmaison chain. The 94 room hotel offers luxurious rooms, a hotel bar and restaurant, and other amenities. The interesting fact, though, is that the hotel is part of Oxford Castle, which was formerly known as HM Prison Oxford. Guests sleep in the redesigned and considerably more comfortable cells of the previous occupants.

Das Park Hotel in the Austrian municipality of Ottensheim is a novel idea developed by Andreas Strauss in 2004. Guests stay in refurbished cement pipes accessed by a passcode. The pipes are big enough for room basics and even include wall paintings for ambiance. Some of our customers may balk at sleeping in a pipe, but it’s sure to be an unusual experience.

In Idaho, a couple of artists who specialize in dog carvings run a B&B known as the Dog Bark Park Inn. The reason for the name is apparent once guests see the inn. It’s a giant dog with rooms inside!

Get in touch with us to discuss some of the oddest places in the world and our low prices on business class airline tickets.

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Odd Travel Recommendations By Our Brooklyn Travel Agency

In a world of myriad vacation destinations and tourist sites, knowledge of unique travel destinations can be very valuable. Off the beaten path, exotic, unique, and one-of-a-kind are all identifiers that speak of wonderful vacation experiences.

Off the coast of Tanzania, Pemba Island’s Manta Resort added an underwater room to their hotel. The room for two floats several hundred feet off the shore and includes an above sea level lounge and rooftop deck and the famous underwater glass room. The room was designed by a Swedish firm to provide guests with an incredible view of the fish and fauna surrounding it.

The room is similar to the Utter Inn, built in Sweden by the same firm. The inn provides less in terms of comforts, opting instead for a rustic feel.

Swedish ingenuity also brought the world the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. For several thousand kroner (a few hundred dollars) guests can sleep on an ice mattress in a hotel made of ice and snow. The reindeer hides covering the mattresses bring the chill down considerably, while the icy vodka bar provides a refreshing experience.

Contact the agents at our Brooklyn travel agency to plan a memorable vacation or book flights to Israel and beyond!

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Grab a Flight to Israel (Or Space)!

Space travel is slowly opening up to non-governmental entities, and companies from Boeing to Virgin Galactic are leaping to corner a share of the space tourism and personal travel industry. Virgin Galactic projects its first public launch for December 2013, while Boeing is optimistic about a 2015 launch date for its CST-100 capsule.

Some companies are pushing for orbital travel. Others are chasing suborbital travel as a more lucrative option. Ships proposed range from tiny one seat rockets to larger crafts. There is no uniform set of rules governing these spacecrafts, but each country makes their own determinations. In the United States, companies proposing suborbital flights must meet standards of safety for person and property and receive licensing from the Federal Aviation Administration.

With tickets costing over 10 million a person for orbital flights and approximately $200,000 for suborbital excursions, these proposed flights beat out any business class airline tickets we have ever seen. The experience, however, is sure to be well worth the money.

While we wait for space travel to be a reasonable and affordable reality, we continue to offer low rates on flights to Israel, London, and other Earth cities. Contact our Brooklyn travel agency to chat about our low rates and excellent customer service.

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Avoid Jet Lag with Brooklyn Travel Agency’s Advice

From coach to business class travel, airplane frequenters know that the most dreaded side effect of such travel is jet lag, or desynchronosis. Jet lag is a physiological condition of sleep disruption caused by prolonged air flight. Its more mild cousin, travel fatigue, can occur with shorter trips and usually has a shorter recovery time.

Interestingly, jet lag is closely intertwined with time zones. Travel within a time zone is unlikely to cause jet lag. Traveling across time zones eastward can result in more severe jet lag than westward because the body is required to move forward. The length of recovery time from jet lag is also correlated with amount of time zones and direction of travel.

Methods for avoiding jet lag range from adjusting sleep schedules to skipping airline meals. Research shows that the best method may be a mixture of all methods. Begin adjusting the sleep schedule before the trip, stay hydrated on the plane, eat and sleep on the plane on the schedule of the destination city, and remain active upon arrival.

Very few people avoid any symptoms, but proper preparation can significantly reduce recovery time. Call us at Do-All Travel to discuss jet lag, travel tips, and business class airline tickets.


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The Secret Life of Business Class Travel

Some travel for pleasure, some travel for obligation, and some travel for business. This last group includes a smaller subset of businessmen who only use business class travel for the luxury, the convenience, or to avoid the expense of heavy jet lag.

We have all seen members of this elite group wandering the airport. They check no luggage, carry small carry-on suitcases, and cool their heels in exclusive lounges while awaiting final boarding call. On the plane, these are the people who have their laptops up and running before most of us have had a chance to find the latest edition of SkyMall. These mysterious people take advantage of the free drinks that come with business class airline tickets, but they don’t have more than one or two.

These dedicated businessmen may be the only people who take advantage of dry cleaning services at hotels. Traveling with one carry-on makes for wrinkled suits, so this service is a necessity, not a luxury.

It’s hard to feel envious of them because they rarely have a chance to enjoy the luxury. Many of them fly across the world and back in only a few days and do the whole thing over a few weeks later.

Do-All Travel is a full service travel agency, and we help every type of traveler at our Brooklyn travel agency. Call us today!

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Business Class Travel to the Land Down Under

Australia is the smallest continent by land size, but the sixth largest country in the world. It includes the Australian continent, the island state of Tasmania, and numerous tiny islands with exotic names such as Waterhouse Island and The Lanterns.

The population of Australia is small compared to the land mass, with some estimations averaging approximately three people per square kilometer. The majority of these inhabitants can trace their ancestry to the European continent given Australia’s history as a British Commonwealth.

Business class airline ticket holder will find numerous accommodation venues in a country where tourism produces a fairly significant portion of the GDP every year. Australia does have visa requirements for travelers, but there are easy processes for citizens of certain European countries.

Those with time for sightseeing may enjoy the famous Great Barrier Reef off of Queensland. The coral reef system is the largest of its type in the world and is one of the few landmarks that can be seen from space. The Sydney Opera House is another well-traveled tourist spot for its brilliant architecture and sweet music. Travelers often enjoy the beauty of  Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kakadu National Park.

Call us today at our Brooklyn travel agency so we can have a conversation about planning an amazing trip to Australia!

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Is a Corporate Retreat Worth the Business Class Travel?

Corporate retreats have long been the tools of organizations looking to promote team building, teach new skills, or just show employees a good time. The return on investment of such endeavors is often deemed significant enough to justify the expense. Obviously, some of these events cross the line from reasonable to excess, but that should not deter businesses from pursuing wisely planned corporate retreats.

These work vacations can be themed, include party favors, and be held anywhere from a beachfront hotel to a cruise ship on the Antarctic.

Here’s a little secret, though. If the retreat is not absolutely vital, it can have a deleterious effect on much more than the company’s expense account. Employees don’t appreciate being dragged away from their families, being forced to socialize with people they barely know, and having to engage in awkward team building exercises unless there is a very clear reason for it.

Additionally, events that are not structured to allow employees the chance to really express their opinions about the company are useless. What’s the point of spending all that cash for the executives to reinforce something they believe in already?

We really believe that corporate retreats can be beneficial to a company, but only with the right training and preparation. Contact our Brooklyn travel agency to discuss planning a corporate retreat replete with business class travel, luxury accommodations, and realistic agendas.

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Travel Apps for Safety and Security

Last time, we discussed the importance of certain apps created for traveling. Another vital use for travel apps is ensuring the safety and security of travelers in any vacation destination around the world.

The PinPin ATM Finder is a Windows app that helps users find a means to get some cash anywhere. No need to be wandering the seedy part of town looking for cash to cover cab fare. This app will do everything except dispense the money.

TravelSafe Pro, available on Android phones, is an all-in-one list of emergency numbers for most countries. Offerings range from local emergency services to embassy contact info for misplaced travel documents and other concerns.

Apps like Better Translator Pro (Android) are especially useful for travelers seeking bathrooms, taxis, or police stations without knowing the native tongue. Of course, these apps don’t completely prevent mangled sentences, misused idioms, and accidental swearing, but they certainly minimize occurrences.

An interesting program is React Mobile for iPhone. Its most important feature is that it allows travelers to create a list of friends or family who can be notified of an emergency with the touch of a button. As an added benefit, the app sends GPS coordinates to the people on the emergency list, enabling a faster response.

Come in to Do-All Travel and talk to us about travel safety. We are the number one source for travelers seeking a cheap flight to Israel or the latest in business class travel.

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Apps Our Brooklyn Travel Agency Likes

With the influx of apps available for download to smartphones, it was inevitable that some of these apps would be intended to aid travelers. These apps tend to fall under three categories:

The last category deserves a post of its own, so be sure to read our next informative blog post! Contact our Brooklyn travel agency for the latest deals on a flight to Israel and beyond.

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